Local Time in Bor District

🇷🇸 Serbia (RS)
  Tuesday, 28 November 2023
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Country Serbia
State Bor District
Lat/Long 44.06989180 / 22.09850860
Timezone Europe/Belgrade
Abbreviation CET (CET)

What time is it in Bor District, Serbia right now?

Get up-to-date current local time in Bor District which includes the current day of week and date. Bor District (Serbia) is located in UTC+01:00 (Europe/Belgrade) time zone. Difference to Greenwich mean time in hours: GMT+01. Current local time in Bor District is: 17:32 Tuesday, 28 November, 2023. Bor District NOT in daylight saving time.

Sunrise, sunset times for Bor District

Bor District Sunrise
Bor District Sunset
Day Lenght
Bor District Day Lenght
Today's Sunrise And Sunset Time In Bor District, Serbia

Knowing when the sun is going to rise and set in Bor District is important. We will help you find out when these events happen so you can plan your day accordingly. Calculation of sunset and sunrise time in Bor District (Serbia) for Tuesday, 28 November, 2023, length of day. Today's sun rise and sun set time are Sun rise 06:41, Sun set time 15:57 and Day length 10h 16m.

Bor District, Bor District Next Time Change

Sunday, 31 March, 2024
-1 hour (CEST)
Time change from 03:00 am to 02:00
Sunday, 27 October, 2024
+1 hour (CET)
Time change from 02:00 am to 03:00

When does the time change Bor District in 2023 and 2024?

Daylight saving time ends on Sunday, 31 March, 2024 at 03:00 am local time, when time in Bor District moves back 1 hour to 02:00. Daylight saving time ends on Sunday, 31 March, 2024 at 03:00 am local time, when time in Bor District moves back 1 hour to 02:00.

Serbia, Bor District Geolocation Data

Region Europe
Subregion Southern Europe
Country Serbia 🇷🇸
Capital City Belgrade
Latitude 44.06989180
Longitude 22.09850860
UTM Coord. X 587968.6813125
UTM Coord. Y 4880222.1938158
Coordinates 44° 4' 11.61" N / 22° 5' 54.631" E
Bor District, Serbia Map
Bor District Map
GPS coordinate of Bor District, Serbia RS

Find out more information about Bor District such as population, time zone, population, currency and dialing code for Serbia. Bor District state is situated in country Serbia. Bor District is located on the continent of Europe. The latitude of Bor District, Serbia is 44.07, and the longitude is 22.099. Bor District, Serbia is located at Serbia country in the states place category with the gps coordinates of 44° 4' 11.61" N 22° 5' 54.631" E. You can see map of Bor District above.

Time Difference Bor District to Major World Cities

Time difference between Bor District, Serbia and the World

Following table displays the time difference between Bor District, Serbia and other major cities, timezones and other locations of the world.

Bor District Weather Forecast

Bor District forecast 3°C
Moderate Rain
Day Weather Max/Min Temp. Humidity Wind
Wednesday, 29 November Moderate Rain 1 / 3 °C 100% 1.66 m/s
Thursday, 30 November Moderate Rain 3 / 3 °C 99% 3.86 m/s
Friday, 01 December Light Rain 3 / 3 °C 92% 4.44 m/s
Saturday, 02 December Scattered Clouds 2 / 2 °C 87% 3.96 m/s
Sunday, 03 December Broken Clouds 2 / 2 °C 86% 4.59 m/s
Monday, 04 December Overcast Clouds 2 / 2 °C 81% 4.28 m/s
Tuesday, 05 December Broken Clouds 3 / 3 °C 74% 4.04 m/s
Wednesday, 06 December Few Clouds -0 / -0 °C 81% 2.44 m/s
Thursday, 07 December Clear Sky -1 / -1 °C 84% 2.24 m/s
Friday, 08 December Clear Sky -1 / -1 °C 78% 1.96 m/s
Saturday, 09 December Few Clouds -1 / -1 °C 78% 1.24 m/s
Sunday, 10 December Few Clouds -0 / -0 °C 83% 0.29 m/s
Monday, 11 December Scattered Clouds -0 / -0 °C 89% 0.83 m/s
Tuesday, 12 December Overcast Clouds 2 / 2 °C 86% 1.96 m/s
Wednesday, 13 December Overcast Clouds 3 / 3 °C 86% 2.12 m/s
What is the weather in Bor District?

The current temperature in Bor District is 3°C. You can find more detailed information about the weather in Bor District including humidity, wind, chance of rain and more on the Bor District current weather page. You are viewing the detailed weather forecast in Bor District for 15 days. Weather forecast for the next coming days and current time of Bor District (Serbia).

Current Local Time in Locations in Bor District
District State Distance Time
Not found! Bor District N/A 17:32
Current Local Time in Locations in Bor District (Serbia)

Bor District has 0 cities. What is the local time now in Bor District and get the time difference between Bor District and another location. Does Bor District have the Daylight Saving Time now? What is the time zone offset of Serbia to UTC?

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Facts about Bor District (Serbia)

Currency in use in Bor District is Serbian Dinar (RSD) and to make a call to this city you must first enter +381.

Bor District to Other Countries
Country Timezone Distance
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